The Best Dating Sites In Chiang Mai

Where are the best dating sites? There are a large variety of Chiang Mai related dating sites on the net. So bearing that in mind, what are the best dating sites out there? What is it that makes a particular site stand out from the rest? Well firstly a lot of internet dating sites are for sure not very personal.

If you can imagine a scene from the movie terminator where everything is controlled by robots! Machines making machines and so on. Yes, a lot of internet dating sites are fully automated, software programs doing the job a human should be doing. Would you trust your future happiness to a software algorithm? When humans are put back into the loop then the real work can continue. Which means actually matching you to a compatible partner. Taking the time to actually communicate with both parties in order to facilitate a practical and successful match. This can only be accomplished through good old fashioned human communication! Here are some things to consider when thinking about online introduction services in Chiang Mai...

-Use a reliable site. One that has local specialist local knowledge of Chiang Mai

-Don't go for a huge dating site. Unless you like software doing the matching for you.

-Large internet dating sites are big because they do a lot of advertising. The money they have to spend on their ad budgets will be passed on to you the consumer. This comes in the form of various charges and fees!

-Do not use free dating sites. The quality of service is often poor and the applicants are not screened.

-They are also hunting grounds for internet scammers posing as Thai women!

-Choose a site that offers local introductions, rather than a site that claims it can match you with women from Thailand to Timbuktu. They often are very poor at selecting you suitable partners.

-Choose a site that can offer a good deal of information. Rather than a site that just has maybe a few introductory lines on the home page.

-What is the cost going to be to you. Some sites offer better deals than others.

-Smaller local sites often work out cheaper because they have lower overheads. No big T.V advertising budgets to fund. The savings are then passed on to you the consumer.


Forget the best dating sites! Leave terminator style dating back where it belongs in the archives of science fiction! The only way to successfully meet and fall in love with a beautiful, sexy, Chiang Mai lady is to actually facilitate a meeting yourself through a good old fashioned introduction agency that knows what it's doing.

We are here to help you every step of the way along the road to true happiness. Whats more we won't rest until you're 100% satisfied! Even the biggest and best dating sites in the world are unable to offer that level of personal service!

We are local experts, with local knowledge and a wealth of experience to back it up! We take pride in our work. We will go that extra mile to ensure you enjoy your retirement with a nice local lady here in the picturesque city of Chiang Mai!

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