Freelance Girls In Chiang Mai

Why Pick Up Freelance Girls In Chiang Mai? Why do gentlemen opt for freelance girls over girls who work for one of the many bars here in Chiang Mai? After all the city does have more bars than you can shake a stick at. So what is the big attraction with this market here in Chiang Mai?


Freelance ladies don't require you to pay a bar fine, as would happen if you decided to pick up a girl from one of the many bar beers in Chiang Mai. This can save you a lot of money, especially if you like the girl, and want to keep her for a few days.

Freelancers usually charge less than their go go bar counterparts. This also makes sense especially if you happen to be one of those on-a-budget guys!

Freelance ladies work a lot on reputation. If they should acquire a bad name for services rendered to a customer, they'll no doubt be known locally. So most foreigners will know them, and avoid them like the plague. These girls tend to predominately work the expat market here in Chiang Mai.


Most girls who work the bar beers, massage parlors and go go bars of Chiang Mai are required to take a HIV test at frequent intervals. Freelance girls are not regulated, so they often slip through this net.

Freelance girls have been associated with muggings, drugging's and all out robberies over the past few years. Although a rare occurrence, it has happened to a few unwitting foreigners.

If you have trouble with a girl for example... bad service, get ripped off, you can't complain to her employer because she is self employed.

Freelance girls can actually end up being freelance boys if your not careful! Lots of lady boys ply their trade in Chiang Mai, and more than a few unsuspecting customers have ended up in the sack with a girl whose packing a meat stick and two vegetables! Beware newcomers, they're not always easy to spot especially at night!

Where To Find Freelancers In Chiang Mai?

There are quite a few options open to patrons wishing to meet up with freelance ladies here in Chiang Mai. Firstly try online meets!

Craigslist Chiang Mai: Craigslist is the largest free ads site in the world. It also has a section dedicated to Chiang Mai. Just go into the women wanting to meet men section and check out the ads. There are normally a few ads from legitimate girls as well as freelance ladies looking for fun. Next just arrange a time and a place, it's that simple!

Streets: Another very obvious option is to walk around some of Chiang Mai's busy streets. Especially areas like the Entertainment complex, and the food plaza. It should be easy to spot potential freelancers in these places.

Disco's: A great place to hook up with freelance girls is at disco's. You could try the Mandalay Disco. It's 300 baht to get in. There are some really great girls hanging out here, and freely available!

Located: Moon Muang Road, Chiang Mai.

This place has a few freelancers, and regular Thai girls on offer. Make sure that you get the come on off the girl before you try to pick her up, as she might have a Thai boyfriend not too far away.

Hotshot Disco: A great disco with a few freelancers plying their trade in here. Drinks and entrance fees are reasonable.

Located: Under the Porn Ping Tower Hotel.

Other potential pick up joints to check out are the busy bars and discotheques of the larger international hotels and medium sized hotels here in Chiang Mai.

Check out, " Profile Of A Thai Bar Girl". The real implication of the word Bar Girl is Prostitute!

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