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Thai dating; you might want some advice...

Chiang Mai is a beautiful city and attracts lots of foreign tourists along with quite a few retirees who have made this idyllic part of Thailand their home. However, once you've arrived here, put down some roots and have a place to stay, most men start thinking about Thai dating, online services, bar girls and other options.

Actually, finding Thai women isn't a problem unless you're looking for a serious long term relationship. That's when you want to sign up with Chiang Mai Matchmakers. They'll help take the hassle and uncertainty out of the Thai dating experience for you. Chiang Mai is more satisfying when you have that special person at your side.

When difficulties arise in your relationship it's almost on all occasions due to the different cultural backgrounds of the individuals. Thai dating? Knowing what to do and what not to do when dealing with ladies from Chiang Mai often can be the one deciding factor that keeps the relationship alive. Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind on a date.

Do This...

Politeness: Be polite and respectful at all times, especially in the company of her friends and parents. This will go a long way to forming a solid base for your future relationship.

Appearance: Present yourself as neat and tidy. If you dress cheaply or look like you've been dragged through a hedge backwards this will not be looked upon favorably.

Paying: Paying for things will make you look generous and increase your social standing.

Smile: Do smile a lot, this will show that you are friendly, approachable and easy going. Traits Thais hold in high regard.

Dating: Realize that if she goes out with you on a date, she's serious about you.

Family: Take an interest in her family and friends, these people are the core of her life, and yours now.

Presents & affection: Do buy her presents and tell her you love her at frequent intervals. Thai woman can become a little insecure at times and need constant reassurance.

Do Not...

Money: Don't be mean with your cash. You'll be labeled kee niaw(cheap)

Infidelity: Don't cheat on her. You'll never here the end of it!

Bawdiness: Don't be rude or flirtatious, you'll be seen as a playboy. Not a trait held in high esteem by Thai women.

Ridicule: Don't ridicule her lack of knowledge about worldly affairs. Thais by nature aren't very serious people.

Parents: Never ridicule or say anything that's not courteous about her family, this will be considered as an attack on her as well.

Monarchy: Don't ridicule the monarchy in any way. This will instantly lose you friends and respect.

Talking: Don't raise your voice too much when conversing with her or anyone else. It's considered rude and boring.

In the bedroom: Don't expect her simply to jump into bed on the first date. Thais tend to be more conservative than their western counterparts.

Directness: Honesty isn't always the best policy. And directness such as saying what's on your mind is considered bad etiquette in Thailand. Indirectness and subtlety is the key for avoiding conflicts.

Thailand & Society: Don't moan and complain about Thailand and all things Thai. Your girl will be well aware of Thailand's shortcomings, she definitely won't need you to keep pointing them out.

Lastly, remember even if you make the odd mistake when dating in Thailand. Most Thais will usually take into account that you're a foreigner, and allow you some leeway.

What to do?

Get started today with Chiang Mai Matchmakers and make all the right moves. Find your special love today!

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