Thai University Students

Thai university students are very nice. There are over 60,000 of them in Chiang Mai alone! If you happen to be in Thailand and you're looking for a date but aren't quite sure where to start, then you need look no further than the many educational facilities in Thailand.

These being universities and colleges. These establishments are home to some of Thailand's most beautifully attractive, single Thai girls. Thai university students are very easy to spot on Thailand's streets.

They have a really distinctive uniform which they all adorn. It's usually a very small mini skirt with a tight white blouse. This makes them look very sexy indeed to the average foreign tourist and other males alike.

In fact their uniform has been considered so sexually provocative that it's raised eyebrows with certain ministers in the Thai government.

And they've gone as far as trying to make the girls cover up a bit more.

Thai college and university girls range from 18 years right up to 26 years old at the top end of the scale.

They are mostly all very eager to meet westerners, and usually very curious. However, they do share one trait, shyness! This can be overcome with a little time and patience. Communication is not always a big barrier like a lot of people like to imagine.

Thai university students will all know basic English, because English is a compulsory subject that they all have to study. Being able to speak some Thai will go along way, and will give you a distinct advantage in the dating game!

What are the best places to meet Thai University girls?

Most Thai university students tend to hang out in noodle shops, small eating establishments in and around where they study. So these definitely should be top of the list places to visit! The best times to visit these places should be times that correspond with their college breaks. Lunch times and late afternoon can be especially fruitful. During these periods most students head out from their colleges to have a drink, something to eat and a chat with their friends.

Next thing to do is make contact with a girl. An interested smile and a few words in Thai are usually all you need to brake the ice with a girl here. Now this is a lot easier in Thailand than it is in the west. One main reason being is that Thai's and Thai culture is built upon politeness. Where as in western societies you might get a scornful look, and told to get lost.

Here in Thailand you'll receive a smile and a mai khaw jai I don't understand.

So be bold, be polite, speak a few words of Thai and go out there and get stuck in!

Don't worry if you don't hit it off right away. This is a numbers game, the more Thai girls you meet the more chances you'll have!

You could always try and get a small card printed up with your name and contact details on it , for example your email address, msn id, yahoo id, skype id etc. Most Thai university girls live on MSN & Yahoo chat, so the chances you'll get to talk to them again increase tenfold!

How easy will it be for me to meet Thai University girls?

This will depend a great deal upon how old you are. If for example you're 65 and chasing a Thai university student who happens to be a mere 18 years of age! Then you might be considered a bit too old. But there is definitely no harm in trying. You could get lucky! Being nice and clean in addition to being polite usually works well. One last thing, learn a bit of Thai! This will go along way when forming relationships with Thai girls. A good little pocket sized book I can whole heartily endorse is the Thai English bar guide. This is a small phrase book with some great romantic Thai phrases in. Good for the beginner, and a hit with the girls.

Chok dee na dating Thai University students!

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