Where Can I Find Thai Girls ?

Thai girls? The simple answer to this is Thailand of course! Whats more the city of Chiang Mai boasts more beauties than you can shake a stick at! However, a cautionary word for the more impetuous souls out there. It's always wise to gain a further insight into the creature you're tracking. Things like where you're most likely to encounter her, what potential problems may befall you along the way. And just what Thai girls are on offer to you. Here's a quick beginners guide to what's on the menu for your average foreign male in Chiang Mai.

The quick fix option- hit the bars and Red Light Districts of Chiang Mai.

Oh, this has been the ruin of many a farang here in Thailand. Yes, the girls in the bars are easy to talk to, they're charming and make you feel special. They are expert at this because it's their job to be so. After all if they weren't they probably wouldn't be able to make a living. These girls can make you feel great.. You'll be treated to what is known as the the girlfriend experience. They can actually make the man feel like she's fallen in love with them. If the man thinks she's gotten attached to him then he'll be more likely to part with his cash!

Conclusion: Thai bar girls can be fun, and there's no reason why one can't enjoy them for what they are, working professionals.

Online Chat Programs

Online chat has become very popular over the years. And the number of internet cafes around Chiang Mai has literally doubled over night. Some Thai ladies have decided to hook up with potential partners on the internet. However, enterprising Thai hookers have also cottoned onto this rather quickly too. It's not uncommon for men to meet girls off chat for a romantic afternoon roll in the hay, and then be unexpectedly hit up for money after the deed is done. Also, one should be aware that some males actually pose as Thai females online in order to gain access to your computer. You'll have heard of them before, they're called hackers!

Conclusion: Internet chat does occasionally bring fruitful results, though it's a rather hit and miss time consuming numbers game. Good luck if you try it.

Dating Thai College & University Students

Chiang Mai has some really fine educational establishments. Plenty of Colleges and Universities. These places also bring with them lots of lovely Thai University students. Many of these girls are single and unattached. There ages range from 18 up to 25 and for the most part they're curious about westerners. However, the challenge is to meet them. This can be achieved through finding out their haunts. Normally noodle stalls or trendy cafes not too far from their campuses. All you need to do is work up the courage to approach them and in your best Thai start up a conversation.

Conclusion: Finding the right Thai girl may take some time and effort and learning some Thai will also go a long way in breaking through the language barrier.

When looking for Miss Right in Chiang Mai nothing beats a bit of local knowledge or better still a friend in the know. Your best friend should be Chiang Mai Matchmakers. Let us help you when you decide to get serious about finding your partner for life!

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